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I am am fashion Stylist, Journalist and all-round a storyteller based in Madrid with international projection.

I studied dual degree in Journalism and Humanities that led me to explore the world of creativity through stylism which is the intersection of the two skills and interests I am most passionate about, communication and culture.

My references come from art history, philosophy and literature due to my background in Humanities and I create substantial work through different media with a narrative focused on using fashion and journalism as lenses to have larger conversations about the importance of diversity, empowerment and self-expression.

I am multiskilled worker with a can-do attitude and I own abundant industrial experiences, including styling for multiple editorials, commercial campaigns for companies like Inditex and writing articles for big publications such as Código Único or Her Campus Media.

My perspective on contemporary fashion is instinctive and singular and I can see different patterns of the arts throughout history and translate them into looks.

I am an empowered young woman committed to drawing my own future and making my professional dreams come true.

User:   What do you do?

Silvia: I create stories.

User:   How?

Silvia: With clothes and words.

Selected Clients

Inditex - Bershka




El Corte Inglés


Vocento Media

Código Único


Sophie Tea Art

Her Campus Media

Ghezzi Studio