What Is Going On x Metal Magazine
February 2022

Photography: Francisco Fernades and Federico Magadán.
Stling, Creative Direction: Silvia Calvo.
Hair and Makeup Artist: Matilda Beltrán, Virginia Marqués, Anna Kalashnikova and Noelia de Jesús.
Production: Giulia Santos.
Retouching: Francisco Fernandes.
Models: Marina Ontanaya, Kate Li, Tia Mallia, Hillary Joscon, Donna Lamarque, Karina Valero, Elodie Christ.
Designer credits: Stephanie Klaproth, Yannik Zamboni, Jana Colic, Sarah Bounab, Anastasia Bull, Marco Gomes, Revue, Elvira Grau, Claire Lefebvre, Mara Danz, Gaëlle Da Costa and Ilja Kager.

This Project is called “What's Going On” and is an exploration of the Swiss emerging desig scene. Overall, there are 15 creatives involved in this editorial and over 10 different nationalities.